Arborist Reference Group

13 Jul 2020

Arborist Reference Group

In 2014 an independent group was established to provide horticultural and arboricultural advice on a range of strategic initiatives aimed at improving amenity outcomes and vegetation management near powerlines.

The group consists of representatives from the following members:

Since its establishment, the group has worked collaboratively to progress a number of key initiatives to improve vegetation clearance outcomes including:

  • A Protocol for vegetation management near powerlines.
  • Communication with Councils and education on our legislative requirements.
  • A powerline friendly list of species.
  • Changes to the regulations governing vegetation clearance across the State, including pruning around low voltage powerlines and the 10 year review.

Kelvin Trimper, AM, a founding member of the Arborist Reference Group stated:

“We have made significant progress but we are continuing to seek improved outcomes for the community and environment for trees under powerlines. One of our latest initiatives is to trial new tree species under powerlines which deliver good visual and environmental amenity whilst reducing the need for regular pruning”.

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