Grievance policy

If you have any concerns about our engagement or if you have other feedback please send an email to:

Once a grievance is received, we will:

  • Address the issue immediately, if possible
  • If not possible, the person who receives the issue will document the grievance on the Reset Project Sharepoint issues register (in the case of the independent facilitator, they provide details of the issue to an appropriate SA Power Networks staff member, who then records the issue) and assign an owner to the issue
  • The owner is responsible for escalating the issue to an appropriate member of the Executive Management Group (EMG)
  • The EMG member and issue owner will then develop a resolution plan to address the issue/concern
  • The issue owner will discuss the resolution plan with the person who lodged the issue to ensure it will address their concerns
  • A resolution plan and timeframe will then be agreed 
  • The issue and resolution plan status will be updated regularly in Sharepoint by the issue owner
  • Once the resolution plan has been actioned, and the person who lodged the issue/concern is satisfied, the grievance can be closed.