About us

SA Power Networks is a leader in delivering energy services that customers value.

We’re a key player in South Australia’s energy industry as the state’s sole electricity distributor. 

Put simply; we build, maintain and upgrade the poles, wires and substations that deliver power to around 900,000 customers.  

Learn more about what we do in this short video:

The key services we provide the South Australian community include:

  • Delivering electricity through poles and wires to your property or business
  • Providing an emergency response in the event of outages
  • Repairing street lights
  • Reading SA Power Networks' electricity meters (from 1 March 2018, Retailers are responsible for assigning a Metering Provider to install new meters).

You can learn more about our role in supplying electricity to South Australia by watching the short video below:

For more information on us, please visit the SA Power Networks website.